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So, here’s October’s round-up of things I overheard in 5E this past month.

(Name) was on fire! Yeah, she was!

[After looking at another student’s vocab strip that shows students use of weekly vocab words in speaking], I need to start saying the words.

I like using the computer more than writing stuff down.

I like when we have a choice [of assignment] because I’m always different.

I liked having a choice because personally I don’t like inspiration [mind-mapping program]. I prefer to write it down because I feel that’s easier for me.

Basically, the opposite of what (name) said.

If she [book character] was married to him [other book character], he’d be doing all the work.

If I did a glog [for a choice assignment], I’d do all the fanciness and never be done.

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for stuff on the computer.

[After some snarky comments about the fact that someone has to go to “dancing class”] He’s going to be a better dancer than you, and he’s gonna get all the girls.

People, forget about the sticky notes and focus on what we’re supposed to do.

It was all of us; we’re a team.

They looked like a group. [In response to watching a video clip of different groups working on a project.]

That’s leadership. [Again in response to watching another group on video]

That’s my star sentence.

We have a pretty good dialog, how about you?

He’s in the zone. [About a student on our simulated archaeological dig]

I can do minimum, maximum and range, but I always forget mode and median.

A lot of times I scan over the directions and miss something.

Oh, I’m actually getting this.

Oh this is awesome. I love my blog.

That definitely goes together. Who agrees? [During work reconstructing artifacts from our dig]

Ok, ok, (name) you and me can work over here at your desk. [to a student who is not always easy to work with]

(Name), do y ou need some help, buddy? Well I’m here for you.

Hey, I want a personal assistant. [after some students got personal assistants during math time]

Hey (name) if you hung around Ms. Eiteljorg more you would have really understood.

In  the second paragraph, is it supposed to be just facts or can I infer too?

I love Blogger’s cafe!

Is the Blogger’s cafe open?

You have to follow the archaeology code of conduct.

Those are the October highlights. I could have put in many about the Blogger’s cafe. It’s a huge hit. (Read about it here.) What have you overheard lately?


So, here’s the first version of the (to be) recurring series “overheard in 5E.”

To review, I thought I would listen in on what my students said, here and there, and share a selection once in a while. For this first installment, several quotes (marked with *) are from our 5E day which I wrote about here.

-Do you want to switch jobs, because I think you’re better at this

-(to new student) Do you want to play with us at recess?

-(to me while standing in the lunch line looking at a photo of a city at night) I think cities are so beautiful at night. They’re like amusement parks with the rides all lit up.

-I’m a really busy person.

-Can I explain it different than [sic] my group? I think it’s the same answer, it’s just my brain works in a different way.

-All my life people have been saying I’m crazy, so instead of fighting against it, I embraced it.*

-Do you feel you have pushed the boundary of crazy? (answer) I haven’t yet, but I feel I may soon.*

-I started cooking last year and I really like it. (boy)*

-I didn’t know what ‘scowl’ was until we had it for vocab.

-When you do it (puzzles), where do you keep them, because when I do them I don’t like to keep them on the ground.*

-My mom can’t take it (1,000 piece puzzles), if she doesn’t get a piece in a minute, she quits. My brother and I, we have a lot of strategies.*

-I love to laugh, and I do it a lot. They say I’ll live longer, so that’s a good thing.*

-’07 was a good year for you. (student brought in sports trophies and certificates from 2007)*

-It looked ok, and then I started reading it and it’s like the best book ever.*

-I personally love Snoopy, but that’s just me.*

-I love eating. (response)-Who doesn’t?*

-I just got interesting in the military and then I got obsessed with it.*

I’ve already got some good material for the October post!

Has anyone else overheard anything good lately?

So, I’ve been thinking about another new school year idea. I know I already posted a list of new year ideas and plans. As I also mentioned just recently, my first thoughts aren’t always were I end up.

I’m definitely still on board with the digital portfolio business and the epals (I’ve made contact with a teacher on Crete), and I’m seriously making progress on how to work in some significant time for individual projects (maybe even blogging since I won a raffle for a ton of upgraded blogs with Edublogs-yet another reason to attend conferences).

My newest idea relates to this blog. I feel it is more part of a way I want to continue working and interacting than it was in the past. And, I know that once school starts, in a few short weeks, it’s more than likely that I will not have quite as much time as I do now. My thought is to have a “regular feature” as it were on the blog so that at least an idea for a post is ready on a regular basis. I’m thinking that a “things overheard in 5th grade” might be an interesting weekly-ish post.

For those of you who do not spend so many of your waking hours with 5th graders, it could be eye-opening, if not earth-shattering. For those more familiar with 5th graders, I’m sure you will recognize some of your students. For me, I think it will serve as an interesting way to think about who I am hearing, who I am listening to, and who is not being heard.

Of course, I try to make sure everyone gets a turn to be heard. I believe I am very aware of making sure boys’ and girls’ voices are equitably represented. I try to keep in mind racial, religious, etc differences in the voices of the room as well. But, how well do I actually do this? And what does all this talk add up to anyway?

My plan is this:

  • I will keep notes on interesting things I hear in class during the week
  • Once a week, or so, I’ll post some highlights or lowlights as the case may be.
  • I will of course not use names or any identifying information (beyond boy or girl).
  • Over the course of the year I collect data so that it’s almost like an action research project.

My hopes and dreams for this little project are these:

  • I have totally interesting students who give me vast amounts of scintillating material.
  • I manage to write some of it down on a somewhat regular basis.
  • I am able to think more about my own reactions to and interactions with my students.
  • I am able to analyze the development of our classroom culture.
  • I can keep up with this and have at the end of the year a picture in words of the year (wordle might be interesting here).

I’m excited already. Anyone else interested?