New Year (school year) Thoughts

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So I’ve been thinking about the new school year, from the pool.

I love this time of year when it’s close enough to school starting to get thinking about all my big plans and yet far enough away that I don’t have to do anything but imagine yet. Then it gets a little later in the summer, and I love that too because it’s really the beginning of the year but there aren’t any students or meetings yet. An entire blank plan book-fantastic. The endless possibilities-thrilling. All my crazy, huge, risky ideas-attainable.

Here’s a quick run-down of some of my goals for the year. I’ll write about them each individually later.

  • ePortfolio project-individual eportfolio for each student for self-assessment and progress monitoring
  • connect with other classroom(s) on ePals
  • have some sort of “identity day” a la George Couros– his session at the Reform Symposium gave me the idea
  • a mid-year individualized math unit to support/enrich/shore up each student
  • a new, flexible room arrangement system (this is the one on my mind at the moment)
  • time for some individual student research and content creation around a topic of interest to student (maybe this will connect with identity day and get shared with ePals-now that’s a great big idea!)

That seems like quite enough for now.

Larry Ferlazzo wrote about his resolutions here.

What are others thinking about as August marches on?


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