Overheard in 5E, September

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, here’s the first version of the (to be) recurring series “overheard in 5E.”

To review, I thought I would listen in on what my students said, here and there, and share a selection once in a while. For this first installment, several quotes (marked with *) are from our 5E day which I wrote about here.

-Do you want to switch jobs, because I think you’re better at this

-(to new student) Do you want to play with us at recess?

-(to me while standing in the lunch line looking at a photo of a city at night) I think cities are so beautiful at night. They’re like amusement parks with the rides all lit up.

-I’m a really busy person.

-Can I explain it different than [sic] my group? I think it’s the same answer, it’s just my brain works in a different way.

-All my life people have been saying I’m crazy, so instead of fighting against it, I embraced it.*

-Do you feel you have pushed the boundary of crazy? (answer) I haven’t yet, but I feel I may soon.*

-I started cooking last year and I really like it. (boy)*

-I didn’t know what ‘scowl’ was until we had it for vocab.

-When you do it (puzzles), where do you keep them, because when I do them I don’t like to keep them on the ground.*

-My mom can’t take it (1,000 piece puzzles), if she doesn’t get a piece in a minute, she quits. My brother and I, we have a lot of strategies.*

-I love to laugh, and I do it a lot. They say I’ll live longer, so that’s a good thing.*

-’07 was a good year for you. (student brought in sports trophies and certificates from 2007)*

-It looked ok, and then I started reading it and it’s like the best book ever.*

-I personally love Snoopy, but that’s just me.*

-I love eating. (response)-Who doesn’t?*

-I just got interesting in the military and then I got obsessed with it.*

I’ve already got some good material for the October post!

Has anyone else overheard anything good lately?


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