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Twitter Tuesday Thumnail with Helvetica font

Photo by FreshAlex online used under creative commons license

So, I wasn’t thinking about having a super interesting evening when I got home from school on Tuesday. Honestly, I had a frustrating day and might have been ready to wallow in it, just a little. I figured I wouldn’t participate in #5thchat on Twitter because I just wasn’t in the mood. (If you are not familiar with Twitter chats, there is a hashtag, #5thchat or #edchat for example that all who are participating add to the end of their tweets. Then by using the search option in Twitter or columns in Tweetdeck one can follow all tweets with that hashtag and “have a conversation” with lots of folks you may or may not know.)

Well, I am so glad I did participate! What a chat it was! Sometimes Twitter chats are on topics that just don’t take off or just don’t grab me, and I can’t always guess which ones will be which. Tuesday’s topic was creative ideas for teaching novels. (Here is the archive.) So many great ideas you really will want to read it.

To be honest, I am a gatherer. I gather ideas as well as stuff. To me the gathering and input of ideas and images is energizing. I love a good conversation or brainstorming session where anything goes. One of my colleagues jokes that she like to “watch me think” because she can see the wheels start to turn. Now, she does not say that great ideas are always the result, just that it amuses her to watch my head spin. So, given that I love to gather, this chat was a particularly good one. I finished the hour not only with a renewed energy in general, but specifically with a more positive feeling about the rest of the week.

And finally, I may collaborate with another teacher on a project in January. I’d say for one hour of my time, that’s pretty good return.