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Thinking and Doing

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
creative commons licensed (BY-NC) flickr photo by marttj:

creative commons licensed (BY-NC) flickr photo by marttj:

So, I’ve been thinking, but not enough. I always start my sporadic blog posts with this phrase because I started so many emails this way when I emailed one of my previous division heads. It became kind of a joke.

However, I find that recently I have been doing a lot. The beginning of school and the weeks before the beginning of school are always very busy. No news there. When I actually noticed last weekend that I was sitting and reflecting for a change, it struck me that I had been doing too much and not thinking enough.

I’ve been doing plenty of thing that needed doing. Laptops needed to get distributed at school, lessons needed planning and teaching, papers needed assessing, and then my own personal kids needed school clothes bought, food prepared, and rabies vaccine administered (UGH! that is an entirely different story. But, let me tell you, that the CDC recommendation is that if you have a bat in your house, especially when you are asleep, you need to be vaccinated for rabies, which is a multi-shot, multi-week extravaganza). I find it very satisfying to do things on the list because then I get to cross them off the list. I have been known to add things I’ve already completed to my to-do list, just so that I can cross them off. Mostly that’s a desperation move.

What I haven’t made time for, besides regular exercise, is enough sustained reflection. I’ve written my goals for the year and thought about how I will measure my success. I’ve asked my students to fill out self-reflection guides and make plans for learning. I’ve even been working on a digital portfolio pilot for several grades in the school that is all about meaningful, sustained reflection. And yet, I have not found enough time for it myself. Every year regular blogging is on my list of things I want to do, and every year I manage a flurry of posts at some point and then I fall totally off the wagon and watch it recede in the distance.

So, finding time to reflect and making time to think is back on my to do list. What tricks and tips do others have to make time for reflecting?