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Posted: April 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about another set of works for my taxonomy project. I thought about works that combine sewing or embroidery with prints or photographs. I have pinned more than a few images that I have seen around the interwebs. This work is fascinating to me. I thought I would give it a try.

I had some old linoleum prints from many years ago that were sitting around looking for a purpose. Plus, I may have stumbled upon a few good deals at a local yarn shop before it moved. So, I had the raw materials. However, I found it hard to come up with an embroidery plan; I didn’t really want all of the stitching to be very literal; I wanted some of the stitching to be abstract patterns or designs. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. My first two attempts worked pretty well. To me, these images lent themselves to the addition of some amount abstract pattern in terms of the stitching. In my thinking, they are both reasonably successful for early attempts.

Photo on 2-7-16 at 1.04 PM

Linoleum cut printed on vellum, embroidery thread

Photo on 2-7-16 at 1.05 PM #3

linoleum print on vellum with wool embroidery

The next two images with the stitching that sort of continues the image are just not that compelling to me. I don’t think it’s impossible to create something that relates more to the image and is successful, but I haven’t done it here.

Photo on 2-7-16 at 1.05 PM

linoleum print on paper with embroidery thread


Photo on 2-7-16 at 1.05 PM #2

linoleum print on paper with mohair stitching (socks)


I got ready to post about this and realized that I had set my taxonomy set size at 5 and I only had 4 images. However, I did not really have another unique linoleum print handy. I did have a few other not-so-great prints of the first image so I tried it again; I came up with a new version.

final embroidery print

After even further reflection, I think I might try to incorporate the image a little with the embroidery. I might try it again with the string maybe going behind the one leg so that she figure is in the webbing and interacting with it as opposed to just behind it and totally separate.

This is definitely a format that appeals to me and that I want to pursue. It was really helpful to remember that I hadn’t met my goal number of objects; it made me go back to something I had put down.


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