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Posted: March 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about my next taxonomy project (explanation of the project here.) I have a few sets of objects in the works. As you may recall, I decided that 5 objects in a set, rather than 10, was a more reasonable number for me, given that I have some other things on my plate.

I’ve been having a MakerSpace moment. I started before winter break on some patterned pieces that I thought I could connect into bracelets by linking many identical pieces together. I started by creating a 3D printer design. I tried it over and over. It was not working or getting better. As I once asked my 5th graders, “do we know the expression ‘beating a dead horse?'” Time to regroup.

I decided to switch to the laser cutter. I managed to translate my original pattern into a cuttable pattern in Adobe Illustrator. This was not a speedy process for me given my very elementary Illustrator skills. I decided creating images/patterns from scratch might not be the most efficient and started do some internet searching for radiator patterns–the patterned metal sheets that go in radiator covers, that’s what I was thinking about. Having found a few images that I liked, I had to do a little messing with them in Illustrator, which probably would take no time for anyone who actually has any Illustrator skills (adding this to be “to learn” list). Finally, I ended up with panels in black and clear acrylic that I turned into bracelets by linking the panels together with wire. It’s very temporary until I get some better fasteners. So, my first batch of patterns are the following:

Photo on 12-18-15 at 3.23 PM

Photo on 12-18-15 at 3.00 PM #2








Then, recently I was thinking about Greek key patterns and those repeating boarder patterns. Many of those patterns were not really cut-able in the way I wanted. A little searching lead me to a few options that I put into Illustrator and cut down. Then I cut them out of wood and acrylic, black and clear.

Photo on 2-18-16 at 10.33 AM

I like the wood ones myself. I had thought about painting the wood, but I really like them as is. I have sets of each color and pattern. More bracelets on the way.



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