Podcasting: still now how I imagined it.

Posted: March 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Public domain image from Pixabay

Public domain image from Pixabay

So, I’ve been thinking and thinking about podcasting and getting an audience for my students’ work. I tried one version in the fall. Didn’t quite work the way I imagined, although students’ creative writing was really good and enthusiasm was solid.

I planned out a different version for this spring semester course. I tried to take into account some of what held the project back in the fall.

  • I thought about having a set time each rotation/week where some part of class would be devoted to this.
  • I thought about how to have regular, new content on our podcasting site and made a schedule for students to sign up for dates to complete work.
  • I thought about the ability to leave comments and decided to change to Soundcloud as the podcast home.
  • I thought about what I might not have thought about and asked my wonderful colleagues @TeacherDebra and @Betney802 to give me feedback on my plan.

Still not working out.

The varied due date thing is just not something that I can make work. This might be me, might be my second semester seniors, might be a combination. So, I ditched that.

Then, the audience part. This is something about which I feel very strongly. However, in reflecting, again, I think that it’s time to scale back on my audience. Instead of using Soundcloud, I am posting the podcasts on our class Moodle page. This does not give us a very large reach, but that’s where I’m landing. As I have mentioned before, I do tend to plan bigger than is realistic.

In discussing this with my colleague @Betny802 with whom I talk about the power of audience a lot, we realized that we might be able to work together next school year to get an audience that is within the school, but beyond my classroom. I’m just not ready to give up on this idea.


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