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Posted: December 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about mobiles in my Digital Fabrication class recently. Our first project was a catapult using 3D printed pieces and other pieces of this and that. Our current project is a mobile using either 3D printed pieces, laser cut/engraved pieces, or a combination of the two.

My mobile is also a haiku writing game. I have been on a creating-with-words kick lately. Lots of blackout poetry, some playing with words in other art projects, etc. So, for my mobile I decided to make a twist on the game Haikubes. My personal family received this game from cousins a few years ago. Briefly, you roll the dice and get a selection of words as well as a topic and style for your haiku. Then you create the poem.

Here’s how I adapted the game to a mobile.

  • Instead of the dice, I used the laser cutter to make cardboard rectangles with words cut into them–I’ll call them tiles from now on.
  • The tiles are painted different colors based on the number of syllables in the word: orange for 1 syllable, green for 2 syllables, purple for 3 syllables.
  • Each tile has a hole at the top so that it can hang from one of the bars that hold the three, individual lines of the haiku
  • There are 4 arms on my mobile–3 for the lines of the haiku, 1 for the “Haiku Mobile” sign.


Here are some early attempts.

Wild logical girl,

Finally here dripping light,

sleeping under love.





Our melodic boy,

to her a parallel life,

a brother embraced

IMG_5197  IMG_5198  IMG_5199 IMG_5195

Things to consider for version 2:

  • The look of the tiles hanging from the nails is what I was after, but the balancing is hard. I may need to have some sort of curve to the nail/hanger/etc to hold the tiles on more securely.
  • The font is too tight so it is hard to read a lot of the words. I thought that it would be easier once they were painted, but for a lot of them, it’s really hard to tell. Either a different font, a space after each letter, or raising the bed on the laser cutter for a tighter cut.
  • The soot on the cardboard from the laser cutter just does not go away.
  • I like the “natural color” of the cardboard in some places, but the soot on the edges means it is not an option. What to do there?
  • Better word list
  • A more thoughtful combination of colors. This combination was based largely on a combination of what was in our house and what was at the local hardware store the day I went.

Any other suggestions? What else could I do here?


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