CLMOOC Make Cycle 5: Public Spaces

Posted: July 29, 2015 in clmooc
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So I’ve been thinking about public spaces. I listened to the Stories and Spaces HangOut on Air which provided a lot of food for thought.

I decided to make flyers which asked questions about public spaces and post them in public spaces. I sketched out several versions myself and made a list of where I might post them into neighborhood. Then I realized that quantity might be important and remembered I have free labor at my house. So I introduced the idea of poster making as a fun family project (insert eye rolling here).

Ultimately we ended up with these two flyers.

Then the staple gun jammed, and work got busy. I enlisted my free laborers again, and they posted a dozen of the first poster around here and there.

So far, a few of the tabs have been pulled off the poster closest to our house. Also, I saw someone take a picture of one of the posters, but no tweets from the poster.

On the bright side, Searching the #publicsspaces does produce some interesting images and discussion that I am happy to have found. And, I continue to be interested in this idea and may expand the area of the first poster to see if I can’t get some tweets before moving on to the next one. Once school is back in session I think I might see more tweets, given where we posted the flyers. I’m intrigued by the idea and hope I can keep rolling it around in my head for a while.


  1. Michael S. Weller says:

    I just tweeted a picture of a (former) public space. 🙂

  2. Michael S. Weller says:

    A bit more context than 140 characters will provide: the picture I tweeted is of the former Serra Mesa branch of the San Diego Public Library. A new, quite beautiful branch opened about 10 years ago, but it was bittersweet for me as the old building was where I had spent many hours of my childhood and adolescence. Thanks to your post, I discovered this wonderful picture of the library interior at the SD Public Library’s digital archive:

    Ok, it’s probably only wonderful to me, ha ha! But of course my brain populates the picture with many more details: the librarians who would have been behind the counter, and the big fan by the door in summer (no AC), and the families nearby as you checked out your books (the children’s section was immediately opposite the circulation desk)…

    • mseiteljorg says:

      Michael, thanks for commenting and sharing your image. As I’ve been thinking about what image I might post, I realize that it depends on the time of year and my frame of mind. Like yours, many of my favorite spots are more about who or what memory I associate with the location than the location itself.

      I am going to post a picture of a favorite spot in my local library too. I can still just barely sit in the big chair with my daughter who will officially be a teenager in a few months. Most of those kind of moments happen in private spaces, but we happened to sit there together.

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