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Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Three Empty Boxes #1

cc licensed photo by z287marc

So, I’ve been thinking about what thinking outside the box about school, independent school in a very competitive market in particular, would look like.

I have no answers, and yet I really want in on this conversation. This is the kind of thinking that I LOVE to do. Plus, I love to brainstorm. I’m the person who makes a list of 5 new recipes to try when people are coming over. (Not everyone in my house thinks this is a good idea. And, it usually ends up being a new recipe.)

Don’t start getting worried about my school. We do so many great things. Maybe that’s what makes the conversation hard. Even so, I think that having that conversation would be interesting. Couldn’t such a conversation in an ongoing, semi-regular, informal, food-provided, sort-of way be inspiring and enthusiasm generating? Personally, I think it’s sometimes hard to get to the really super-duper ideas if you stick too close to the box. And, I fully understand that wandering away from the box creates the potential to come up with some real stinkers. But, just because one comes up with an idea doesn’t mean one has to use it.

If we’re just talking, isn’t that ok?

Is it just me?

Do other people think those are conversations worth having? Conversations that would be interesting to have?

Could having those far out conversations lead to us finding an entry point for something that isn’t so far out after all?

  1. olivemom says:

    I looooooove talking about this kinda stuff. But so many people really are not comfortable with batting around crazy ideas and want to immediately jump to all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. Also, it’s hard at public schools to find anyone with the energy/morale to have these conversations. And anyway, if they catch you with a free minute to be creative, they’ll make you administer another common core assessment. /cry

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