How to think on the job?

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about this and that these past few days.

Hurricane Sandy blew through the area and not only flooded basements and roads, knocked out power, and downed tress, she canceled school for 2 days. I am so lucky that my family and I were not severely impacted. Therefore, I did not have any urgent, life threatening things to do. Instead, I made bread, read with my kids, wrote some real letters (I still do this because I love stationery and can’t justify buying it if I don’t use what I have), and generally stayed home with my husband and kids. And, I got a chance to think about some of the big things I need to figure out at school.

A bit of background: I am a firm believer in letting ideas roll around in my head, thinking about them in a sneaky way. I believe in and count on being inspired by disparate ideas. This has traditionally worked for me. I’m a collector of ideas, images, thoughts. All that raw material in there lets me generate ideas. They might not all be good ideas, but I count on coming up with a lot of them so that I can pick through and find the good ones. Again, it’s a strategy that has worked well for me in the past.

I say this because I think I have been having a hard time making time to do this “laid back thinking” now that I am not in the classroom. My day used to have a very set structure. I had a schedule that for the most part I could count on. During my non-teaching period(s) I could do work or not. I like to be ready in advance so I have to say I did not always use my “free” periods for preparation in the traditional sense. I used to feel a little guilty about that, but honestly, it just meant that I had to do things at other times, so it’s on me. Anyway, I am thinking differently about it now.

Now, I am thinking that I did exactly what I needed to do with those little bits of “free” time (I say “free” because it’s hardly free, but that’s a different post). What I did was change-up what I was doing to give myself that change or break or relief that I needed. That pause is what allows me to do my sneaky thinking. Just like the students, I need times of interaction and then times of reflection. Too much of either one does not work for me.

However, now I find that my schedule is not something that I can count on for structure. I may have long stretches of meetings or long stretches of me, myself, and I in my office. I have those horrible weird amounts of time between things that teachers hate. I have meetings I get “invited to” for later in the same day; so, I may come in with one plan of how the day will go only to have to shift entirely. Fine, I’m flexible. I like working with people and collaborating. The chance to work with adults was a one of the many appealing things about this job. But, when do I think?  What if I am invited to a meeting at a time that I had not blocked off, but had put aside to use for some quality ruminating? Can I say no to something? I am still trying to work this out. But after the weekend with my hurricane-imposed think time, I realize that I have to work harder to create a plan to the day that works for both the thinking and doing of my job.

At the moment, I am contemplating putting blocks on my calendar that are “walk and think” times. Now that I also do not have recess duty, I think I could probably use a little more outside time.

Any other ideas would be welcome.


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