What is enough?

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about what is enough. Of course that depends on what we might be having enough of. The answer, for me anyway, if very different if we are talking about cupcakes or shoes as opposed to broken legs or dental appointments.

What got me thinking of this was Silvia Tolisano’s blog post “The Power and Amplified Reach of Sharing” which she begins with this statement:

It is no longer enough to do powerful work if no one sees it.

-Chris Lehman.

I know neither one of them is talking about giving a paper at a conference once in a while as being enough either. I mean, I don’t know them personally, but from what they create and share, I know them as educators. They both do powerful work and share it. I know them because I see the work they share and am a better educator for it.

This post and my then somewhat tangential thoughts about it led me to several conclusions:

  • I have once again been neglecting this blog.
  • I have a lot to share that I have not shared yet.
  • I know a lot of educators who do great work that no one else sees.

For those who don’t buy this, I guess the question is why? Why is it not enough to do powerful work? Silvia has some good answers in her blog post.

For me I guess part of the answer is this. As is true for any experimenter working in a lab, in this case the classroom, the successes and breakthroughs are not just for me. They are for everyone. There certainly was a time when the cost and time it would take to share was prohibitive.

That time is gone.

This is for everyone.
London Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012
Image from The Guardian


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