Sometimes it’s ok to put it down.

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about how I spent my summer. More specifically, I have been thinking about what I did not do in terms of school.

Here’s what I did do officially:

  • I participated in 2 FULL days of training for our new Mac laptops.
  • 1 full and 1 partial day of PD/training about a new model for language arts and other strategies.
  • Attended the ISTE conferenceĀ — 3 -4 days of stuffing info and ideas into my head, meeting other educators, tweeting, walking, and then doing it again. (I did get my picture taken with Moby the robot from BrainPop!)
All of this was before July even rolled around. At that point, I have to say my brain was full. I set down my bag and went about being a mom to my personal kids. I did talk to colleagues about plans we had for the new school year and participate in a few Twitter chats. But, until it got to be later in August, that bag that came back from school and ISTE just sat in the corner.
And, I think that’s ok. It’s not like I shut off my brain. There are very few situations in which that is a good idea. That goes double for if you are at home with your elementary school aged kids. I read a lot of young adult literature that I wanted to catch up on. I had gotten really behind on what my students might be reading. I didn’t write on this blog. I really thought I wanted to and thought I was looking forward to writing about some things that got passed over at the end of the year. But, it turned out I didn’t.
I keep having to remind myself that it’s ok. I didn’t come back to school unprepared. In fact I came back refreshed and excited about the new year. I learned all sorts of things, spent a lot of time swimming with my kids, and my bag was waiting for me when I was ready to pick it up again.

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