Blogging in the Hallway, Update

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about our paper blogging. We are starting with this format to develop some good habits before we head out into the blogosphere. At the moment the students’ blogs are hanging in the hallway outside our classroom. We have a desk out there with supplies for commenting (post-its and pens) and a poster with guidelines.

On Thursday we had an event in the morning that meant parents were in the classroom. It also gave the students a chance to show off their blogs. Some of them got questions about proof reading and spell checking. I have not been correcting every error, which I have told the students. But, it’s always more effective to have someone else mention the same thing. It was also a motivator for writing because at that point, not everyone had finished a post.

On Friday, we were going to do some work on Island of the Blue Dolphins. However, there was serious lobbying for blogging, so we did some blogging. Everyone has now posted at least once. Some have posted several times.

I had sent out 2 emails to the lower school faculty to come by either alone or with their students to read and comment. Then Friday afternoon one of the 4th grade sections came with their teacher to read and comment. I came back from lunch to see an entire class of kids reading and commenting on post-its. They were silent, and 4th graders are not generally known for their quietness. As I walked by several kids turned and said things like, these are so good, and these are so creative. Big smiles, wide eyes.

Victory! When  students got back they were super excited to have comments from people other than their direct classmates. I am betting some of the kids will write posts over the weekend, even though I did not assign anything. My plan is to alter this blogging license made by Katy Gartside to fit our situation a little better. I would guess that a few students will be up and running before Halloween.

I’m looking forward to the next posts.


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