Blogger’s Cafe opens 2011

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about student blogging and what to do differently this year. Last year I used Edublogs and each student had his or her own blog on a topic of his or her choosing. The students liked the “Blogger’s Cafe” idea and wrote some good posts. But, we never really got much in the swing of commenting or getting a wider audience for our writing, which was the point.

This year I again showed some blogs and talked about how a blog is different from a read-only web page. Students made webs of writing ideas using iThoughts on the iPads. Then, I opened the foodless cafe again.

Some students got really into the whole thing. They set themselves up with their web plans and then a laptop to write. A little over the top in the tech department, but it made people feel cool, no one else was using the iPads at the time, and people got a lot done. Works for me.

Here are a few photos.


This year though, we are starting our blogs on paper in the hallway. Everyone has a bright piece of paper as a background and will put up posts there. I have set out paper, pencils, and tape for students and teachers to leave comments. I have emailed all the teachers to encourage them to come by with their classes or independently to read and comment. The plan is to have students try out writing in public at school and then earn a digital blog as they write and comment consistently.

One student already has 2 posts up.

(Once again, I can’t seem to get the text and photos to go exactly where I want. But, enough time has been spent. Moving on.)

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