A Conference of Equals

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about our ePortfolios, again. Working on them on the iPads is a little tricky. The eporfolios are wikis which, while easy to view on the iPad, are a pain to edit. You see all the formatting coding and it’s hard to do a lot more than insert text. But, I love that because the iPads and keyboards are small, students can easily sit in their favorite position, spread out the work for the unit, and really see what it looks like.

While students are getting the hang of the pattern we are using to review work, it’s not exactly becoming a habit. It’s too long between units. So, I’m working on some ideas to tackle that.

coursework to mark
In the mean time, we had conferences coming up. In the fall, I showed parents their child’s eportfolio. This time I did something different. We spent time in advance getting the work up to date. I did a lot of attaching files, since I am the organizer of each wiki, I can attach a lot easily from the school’s network folders. Then each student did individual reflecting. That’s been our pattern. However, this time I assigned this item for homework before the conference: take your parent(s) on a tour of your wiki.

Of course not every student did that. However, most did. And, those parents who did get a tour came to the conference with a better sense of their child’s work and with more of an understanding of where our conversation would and should go. For many it was much more of a conversation between similarly informed parties.

I’ll definitely be giving that assignment again.

(Photo by Andrea Rota used under Creative Commons license)


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