iPads, iPads, someone’s getting iPads

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking and thinking about iPads recently. Someone I know, maybe her name is Ms. Eiteljorg, is getting a set of iPads for her classroom. I’m super excited; my students are giddy.

And, I’m also a little nervous. I want this to be a good experiment. You know the kind where everyone learns a lot, the money has been well-spent, and everyone is happy.

Here’s how it all happened. I went in over the summer to meet with my new (to us) division head. I wanted to tell her about some of my big ideas. (At that point, she didn’t maybe realize that she would get to hear so much about them.) I’d been talking with our former division head all last year about a couple of my grand schemes and we’d really hammered out some good plans, I thought. But, of course that was then. So, we meet, we discussed the plans. Good, good. Then, she asks how is all this going to work with the 2 computers in my room. Well, I’d talked about that too last year. I told her about my plans to use lots of creative scheduling with Library and Computer class to do some 1/2 groups, etc.

I swear it was her idea to see if she could get some other computers in my room. I of course said I would love that.

So, the year began and I got an email meeting invitation (don’t you wish they were invites to parties or lunch or vacation get-aways?) for a meeting with me, my division head, and 2 technology directors. Before you know it one of them is saying what about trying some iPads, I’ll pay for them out of my budget. Let me get you one to try out, he says. I, once again, say I would be fine with that. I am nothing if not agreeable.

I have to admit, I have gone back and forth about whether this is the right tool for me and my classroom projects. I’ve spent a lot of time weighing this and that. There are parts of my big plans that don’t work with the iPad. And, I’m really excited to give it a try. They can’t do everything I want to do, but I can’t do everything I want to do either, so welcome to the club my new iPads.

This whole thing is definitely a case of making your own good luck, I think.

I think luck and excitement is contagious. Here’s to passing it on.


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