Conference Round-up

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about all the (un)conferences I attended in person or virtually this last year (school year). I of course wanted to write complete, thoughtful reflections on all of them, but as my 5th graders like to say, that is SO not going to happen.

Instead I offer a brief round-up of sorts.

First, I would like to say that most if not all of these events I found out about on twitter, many by following #edchat. If you are an educator and are looking for timely announcements, information, PD, support, or somehow don’t have enough to read, I can not recommend joining and following #edchat more. (See these links for some helpful info on how to do that)

So now to the main events, in chonological order.

Participated all year in PLP as part of a school team.

I went to Educon at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. (I did write about it, twice actually, here and here.) Link to new conference registration etc.

I have attended numberous hour-long interviews/presentations/sessions hosted by Steve Hargadon, The Future of Education, and Classroom 2.0. Join Classroom 2.0 and you can get weekly schedules. Here’s a link to the schedule of many of the events.

In the spring I attended EdCampPhilly, a day long unconference organized by a dynamic group of folks. Now other EdCamp events are springing up everywhere. I’m planning to go to EdCampyNYC on December 4th.

Also, then attended NTCamp organized by Andy Marcinek. I had family stuff to do so only got to attend part in person. Also a great day. I see another event is planned for this winter in Burlington, MA.

This summer, I attended Reform Symposium 2010 virtually. I sat in (through elluminate) on a bunch of great presentations.

At two events I won random door prizes–1 in person and 1 virtually, always nice.

Anyway, the point here is that there are so many options, many of which do not even involve getting dressed or leaving your couch, if you so desire. For me, as not only a teacher, but a mom of two young kids, I have a hard time convincing myself to spend weekend time away from family, even though said family may drive me crazy. But, I have frequently found myself with time available at the last-minute as the planets align just right so that either everyone is playing together happily or napping.

Happy learning.

It’s great to feel part of a community of learners.


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