Having an Impact

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been thinking about how to effect change beyond my classroom. I can’t say that I’ve found any answers. I’m pretty sure I’ve bothered some folks and very sure that more people have heard about a few things I’m working on than care about said things.

But today (ok, I didn’t finish this right away, it was a few days ago now), I was talking with another teacher about some schedule issues. Then somehow it turned to technology and how this teacher is now thinking that she wants to get into some rooms and see teachers using some tools with students. She wants to enter the fray. Yippppeeee!

Well, I may be busy with other things at the moment, but I am not an idiot. This was the time to keep the conversation going. I agree that this teacher is in a tight spot in terms of how to integrate technology into her subject. But she had heard about storybird and wanted to know more. So, I told her a little more about it, mentioned toondoo, and mixbook. Sometimes I just talked about what some of the tools out there would allow students to do rather than the names of the exact sites, etc. It seemed like the details to remember were not going to be tools, but capabilities.

Well, I am happy to report that we came up with a way that we can work together on a project with my students that will enhance and integrate our classes. It has great possibilities and will use technology to support the learning in several content areas. And, the products could be pretty cool too. I’ll post about the details later.

What was so exciting about the conversation was that we figured out a way for this teacher to wade into the pool with a partner, me, who is excited about the project and able to be a bit of a help. And this idea isn’t just a way for this other teacher to satisfy a perceived push to use appropriate technology. It will make what I was doing in my room better; it connects what the students are doing during the day, and it provides opportunities to collaborate, connect, and share.

We may have hit the trifecta.

  1. Maggie says:

    When timing, opportunity, and an attitude of openness all merge it is, indeed, a trifecta. And while hitting the trifecta implies a mountain of treasure going to a select few, in this case there will be many, many winners (the students). Soon, this particular trifecta “winner” can then, herself or himself, be there to capture others when the trifecta strikes again elsewhere. Be sure to keep us all posted on how this particular partnership and your work together progresses… and be sure to tell us if more teachers are similarly pulled into the teaching and learning fray!

    • mseiteljorg says:

      I showed this post to the teacher I wrote about in advance and she was excited and nervous. We have deliberately thought about a unit that does not come around until winter so that we have time to get organized and plan accordingly.

      I will certainly keep you posted.

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