Thoughts about educon (old post)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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(This is an old post from my old blog Feb 3, 2010)
So, I was thinking about my first Educon conference. I know, I know, it’s not a conference, but I’m just going to call it that because it’s easy. First of all, back when I first graduated from college, I lived literally 2 blocks from the SLA, where the not-a-conference was held. I got to have lunch at the Cherry Street Tavern, for old-time-sake. Moving on.

To say I am not outgoing, is a huge understatement. So, going to these things and not having a “team” with me, is SO not my thing. But, I had heard how great Educon was, and so I just decided it was time to be a big girl and go, friends or not. As it turned out another colleague did go for part of the time, phew.

I missed Friday’s panel, which I plan to catch on the archives once they are up. Saturday was a mixed bag for me I have to say. I think it was partly due to the sessions I picked. But only partly. Part of it was also me expecting or wanting the whole thing to be a revelation in some way. Maybe I thought the bleeding edge, was farther away? Plus, having 2 young kids at home made it high-stakes for me. So, I came back on Sunday needing Educon to make the case for me that I had spent this weekend away from my personal kids for a good cause. And it did.

I came back with a new attitude on Sunday to some extent as well. I realized that I had gotten to meet several people in person whom I only knew virtually and had seen others in passing that I wanted to find and meet. I also got a little more comfortable with the whole “it’s a discussion not a presentation” format. And, surprise, once I did I got a lot more out of it. I went to some really good sessions on Sunday. And, with my colleague skipping out early, I HAD to find some new folks to chat with; I actually ate lunch with people I either had just met or only knew virtually. Sounds silly, but no small feat for me.

So, what did I come away with?

  • a lot of people to follow on twitter
  • faces put to names I knew
  • a feeling that I am very much not alone in trying to get a handle on all of the information out there
  • a kick in the pants to try some things I had been thinking about
  • an expanded PLN
  • some good ideas, big and small
  • my head spinning from all the conversations I took part in

So what am I thinking about now?

  • organizing all the information I collect
  • collaborating beyond my school
  • trying to think for real about cutting down on some of the quantity of information my curriculum so that I can spend more time of what I keep
  • being more public
  • power shifts
  • and, honestly, cake

My final thoughts on Educon; I’m really glad I went. I’m ready to take the next steps (even if I’m not sure what they are). I’m not going to focus on what is in the way, but rather on how to move on around the obstacles.

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