Filter Failure Update (old post)

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, in my last post I wrote about filter failure. I decided it was actually a matter of coming to the task of sorting information with a mindset of reading carefully and taking some time rather than my normal mindset of breezing through. This, and the fact that I am not alone in feeling there is too much to manage, made me feel better. Good start. But, not enough. I continue to “star” or mark as “favorite” all sorts of things and not get back to them.

(post from my old blog Feb 26, 2010)

Now, I love a good title or name with alliteration. So, I am proclaiming (my almost 5 year old son loves this word right now) Friday as “Filter and File Friday.” My plan is to spend at least an hour actually reading some of my starred items and either filing/tagging/saving them in diigo or deleting them. I know that an hour is not going to be enough to get ahead, but it will be a start and some of the things I go back to will probably not need a full read. Paragraph 2 will be key here–still interested or not for me.

It’s another snow day here so I am going to give my plan a try today.


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